Wash Dat - New Orleans, LA

4417 Earhart Boulevard, New Orleans, LA, United States

Wash Dat - New Orleans, LA

Currently 50

Customer Notice

We are thankful to continue to provide a service to our community during this time. Here’s how we’re doing our part to prevent the spread of germs:

  • Drive-thru exterior washing is open
  • Limited vacuum space, with most other complimentary amenities closed (towel club, mat cleaners, vending, etc.)


Thank you for continuing to support local businesses.


Basic Wash

• Wash
• Rinse
• Dry

Lava N' Wheels

• Lava Bath
• Tire Shine
• Double Wheel Cleaner
• Ninja Rim Shine
+ Basic Wash

Rain-X N' Shine

• Rain-X
• Rain-X For Wheels
+ Lava N' Wheels

Add to Any Wash

• Simoniz Hot Wax
• Buff N' Dry