Algiers - New Orleans, LA

3600 General De Gaulle Drive, New Orleans, LA, USA

Algiers - New Orleans, LA

Currently 82

The tunnel is open, the vacs (and everything else) are closed …

Our 3-minute express car wash is washing and rolling, and ready to brighten your day! Please note newly implemented protocols in response to COVID-19 have deemed it necessary to close all other amenities. We appreciate your patience at this time. 


Basic Wash

• Wash
• Rinse
• Dry

Lava N' Wheels

• Lava Bath
• Tire Shine
• Double Wheel Cleaner
• Ninja Rim Shine
+ Basic Wash

Rain-X N' Shine

• Rain-X
• Rain-X For Wheels
+ Lava N' Wheels

Add to Any Wash

• Simoniz Hot Wax
• Buff N' Dry