Washing for a Cause!

Rich’s Car Wash has a heart for giving back and helping the community. Through sponsorships and fundraising programs, we offer ways to support our local schools and non-profit organizations.

Sponsorship of Tennis Tournament

How It Works

  • Submit a fundraising request online
  • Pick a two-week fundraising period (e.g. May 1-May 14)
  • Purchase a pack of Rich’s Car Wash $20 gift cards for 50% of the cost
  • Receive advertising materials and signage for your organization
  • Have your community of supporters purchase the $20 gift cards
  • Collect 50% of the proceeds
  • Return any unsold gift cards



  • Keep 50% of the proceeds
  • Minimal time and personnel investment
  • Safe for members of your organization
  • Environmentally friendly
  • A shiny car for your community of supporters!




Want to learn more?

Contact Us

Fill out our fundraising inquiry form, and we’ll be in touch. Please allow up to three weeks to be contacted.

Dates are subject to availability. Requesting party must provide a valid W-9 to be eligible. Requesting party is responsible for promotion.